MAR 24

To the Rescue

Created by Game of Drones

Imagine yourself stranded on the Appalachian Trail. You have hiked these trails a time or two before, but find yourself taking risks all too often. This time you took a turn for the worst. It’s been three days now and you just finished your last protein bar and the thrill of the adventure is wearing off. Luckily, you were able to download Drone Guard before you set out so you know help is on its way.

Drone Guard allows hikers like you to travel with greater peace of mind knowing their safety is being monitored through an interactive application. The application comes with an abundant amount of features that aid in drone search and rescue. It gives you the option to check in before you begin a hike to ensure your safety and improve your hiking experience. Geolocation checkpoints allow the interactive app to map out hikes, store medical information and lucky for you, send drones your way.

By working with the 8 teams supported by the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference, local stations will be notified that drones will be needed for further assistance in your search and rescue emergency. Drones may be of assistance in situations where trekking is permitted and vast areas of land need to be covered. In cases like yours, we feel drones can be of utmost importance in facilitating and expediting the search and rescue process before it’s too late. With the newest innovation in drone technology, these small but efficient search and rescue vehicles will be able to spatially navigate the dense forests within the Appalachian Trail. These commercial drones are equipped with video technology that will allow rescuers to see from the drone’s point of view.

It’s getting dark and you’re preparing for another night in the forest. You’re exhausted, hungry and low on energy. You rest your head on your backpack and gaze up into the treetops. It has been three days past your designated arrival date. Your eyelids begin to shut but you notice something hovering above you head. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its a drone! Your eyes open wide and realize that Drone Guard has come to your rescue.

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